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The Lot Pro Series officially replaced the C Series as the commercial line offered by Meyer Products in the fall of 2009. Production of Lot Pros and availability started prior to then, but that is when the C Series was officially discontinued by Meyer. The Lot Pro shares nothing with the C Series. It is a completely new design. It is based on the Meyer Xpress plow Aggressor Moldboard.

Lot Pro vs. C Series

Feature Lot Pro C Series
Vertical Ribs Laser Cut Flat Steel Hollow Formed Steel
Construction Slot and Tab Welded Welded
Moldboard Height 32" 28"
Moldboard Weight 8' Plow 353 pounds 333 pounds
A Frame Box Steel Angle Iron
Trip Pivot Points 3 2
Cutting Edge Attack Angle 70 63
King Bolt 1" Grade 8 3/4" Grade 5
Designed on Computer Paper



  The new Lot Pro beats the C Series hands down! Speaking of hands, the Lot Pro also features Hands Free Plowing( TM)

As of the 2015 - 2016 Season the E-72 became the standard hydraulic unit replacing the E-58H. E-72 Hydraulic Unit.
It is made by Monarch for Meyer, and it features a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!
The Standard Hydraulic Unit was the E-58H and it came with a 3 year Warranty

The Lot Pro comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY (when you register your warranty online at

Lot Pro installs - Picture Gallery

Meyer Lot Pro 8 Meyer Lot Pro 7.5 Meyer Lot Pro 8
03 Ford F-350  96 Dodge 2500 - Wings off  96 Dodge 2500 - Fixed Wings  09 GMC 3500
Stainless steel Meyer Lot Pro 8 on a Dodge 2500
Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless on a Dodge
Meyer Stainless Steel 8' Lot Pro plow on a Dodge 2500
Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless on a 2005 Dodge
Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless Steel with optional Trip Dampening System (Shocks) installed.
Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless on a 2005 Dodge
Meyer Lot Pro Stainless (LPS-8) with Xtendors installed on cutting edge.
Xtendors installed on Lot Pro 8 Stainless

2004 Ford
Lot Pro 8
  2010 GMC 2500HD 2010 GMC 2500HD    



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