John Cynn Is The New World Champion Of Poker

The news fell last July it seemed wise to start a new year by telling you about this incredible Poker tournament which took place a few months ago and which crowned John Cynn as the new world champion.

The American has indeed won the biggest tournament in the world. This allowed him in passing to pocket the pretty sum of $ 8.8 million. On the European side, no Belgian in the ranking, but a French neighbor who finished 9th.

John Cynn is the new world champion of poker

We must admit that in the international press, there are world championships which make much less noise than others … Especially when we play a football championship in parallel at the same period as was the case for the 2018 World Cup which took place in Russia and which saw France crowned with the title. Indeed, it was certainly not the ideal time to become famous in France with anything other than football. But that will not prevent John Cynn from having a smile.

It was therefore in Las Vegas and after 15 days of unbearable suspense that the American defeated 7,873 opponents. So he simply won the WSOP Main Event. And sorry, since this is the biggest and most prestigious tournament in the world, do you need to remind you ?!

It must be said that this competition seems to be doing quite well for him since, in his record which remains however modest compared to other great poker players, he reached 11th place in this same tournament two years ago already.

The gain of 650,000 dollars which he had won at the time thanks to this place allowed him to be able to see in him a probable future champion. He even explained to PokerNews at the time: “Finishing 11th is already crazy, but winning is something that you dream of, but that you never think you will actually do. “.

John Cynn has taken it to the next level

This time, John Cynn has indeed moved up a gear last summer as he pocketed a phenomenal check for $ 8.8 million …

But it will not have been such a simple thing for the one who will become world champion of poker, because he will even have to ensure a final duel which will have been rather epic with 199 hands played.

We will then witness a thrilling and endless showdown that lasted 10 hours in total. It is interesting to note that 6 Americans were among the 9 finalists and that they therefore achieved a nice tuck shot by occupying the first six places in the standings. An opportunity for this group to pocket more than $ 24.3 million. A nice sum that actually represents a third of the total amount involved in the tournament.

2018 World Series of Poker

On the European side, it is the French Antoine Labat who will stand out from the group of participants by consoling himself with no less pretty 9th place in the World Poker Championship. We are then dealing here with a pro, very active for years and who is one of the first card game players to have called on an agent, like high-level athletes. But we must admit that until July of last year, the latter had so far never shown too much live. A very pleasant way here to ward off bad luck with a sumptuous and comfortable winning of $ 1 million. It was also an opportunity for him to save the honor of the French, who had been, it must be admitted, much more efficient last year.

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